Loeffler Stands With “Legalized Discrimination” Bill That Would Devastate Georgia Business

December 18, 2019

Loeffler breaks with Georgia businesses  to support a discriminatory bill in a desperate bid to end GOP infighting

ATLANTA — The AJC broke the news that megadonor Kelly Loeffler does in fact support controversial legislation that amounts to “legalized discrimination” against LGBTQ Georgians — and would potentially devastate Georgia businesses — which leaders in her own party refused to support and her own WNBA basketball team the Atlanta Dream opposes.

Loeffler’s insistence that she actually does support this discriminatory measure is just her latest bid to unify a GOP base that so far refuses to coalesce around her — with prominent Georgia Republicans still refusing to endorse her outright after conservative activists spent weeks pounding her as “unacceptable,” “the wrong choice” and “disqualified.” 

Loeffler has already pledged to enable a White House cover-up as part of her desperate gamble, standing with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to protect the president rather than allow a fair hearing of evidence against the president’s misdeeds in the Senate. And even with that, potential conservative challengers are still circling to run against her in what Georgia Republicans admit would be “a disaster.”

The maneuvers haven’t just failed to unify the GOP base – they also undermine claims that Loeffler’s candidacy would appeal to more moderate voters Republicans have struggled to attract. 

“Kelly Loeffler hasn’t even taken office yet and already she’s threatening to turn back the clock on Georgians’ basic rights and do enormous damage to Georgia business all in one fell swoop,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “With today’s news of her support for this bigoted and economically devasting bill, Loeffler has seemingly completed the difficult feat of alienating Georgians of all political stripes — even before she’s been sworn into the Senate.”


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