Loeffler Launches Desperate New Ad Campaign Continuing to Blame Everything But Herself for Her Stock Trading Scandal

May 4, 2020

With GOP internal poll numbers showing her in deep trouble, Loeffler launches $4 million ad campaign trying to deflect blame in her latest desperate attempt at damage control

ATLANTA — After leaked GOP internal polling found her deeply underwater with Georgians, unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler is now doubling-down on her desperate efforts to blame just about everyone and everything but herself for her stock trading scandal with a new $4 million ad campaign.

Loeffler is now claiming that “liberal lies” and being “a strong conservative woman” are somehow responsible for her and her husband’s coronavirus stock trades. Loeffler even attempts to deflect from her scandal in the ads by bragging about her secretive private jet she routinely uses to hop back and forth from Georgia to DC. 

As a reminder, here’s a list everything Loeffler’s already blamed for the mess she made with her “timely trades”:

“Kelly Loeffler’s attempts to distract from her scandal and deflect blame on to others is exactly why Georgians don’t trust her to do what’s right for our state,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Instead of being honest with Georgians about her coronavirus stock trades, Loeffler is setting $4 million on fire in an attempt to blame everyone else for a mess she made. No matter how many ads she runs, Loeffler can’t buy Georgians’ trust — and she clearly has no intention of trying to earn it.”


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