Loeffler Facing “‘Minefield’ of Potential Ethical Issues” Ahead of Senate Appointment

December 10, 2019

Kemp’s “biggest gamble” continues to backfire as Loeffler comes under scrutiny for her likely conflicts of interest in the Senate

ATLANTA — Following Kelly Loeffler’s disastrous roll-out that featured “mounting conservative criticism” and a reveal that Loeffler helped buy her appointment to the Senate by promising to “funnel $20 million of her own cash into the campaign,” today the AJC laid out the latest challenge facing Loeffler as she struggles to establish herself among Georgia voters: her potential ‘”minefield’ of ethical issues”.

The AJC’s Greg Bluestein broke down how Loeffler “is under scrutiny” over the potential conflicts posed by her significant wealth — a fortune she’s also willing to use to try to buy her Senate seat — along with her potential oversight of issues affecting her own cryptocurrency firm Bakkt. And when pressed on how she’ll navigate these potential conflicts of interest, Loeffler has been evasive, to say the least:

“Loeffler…would not say how she planned to manage her finances or whether she would sit out votes that could influence her business. Nor would she say whether she would pursue positions on committees that have oversight over the financial industry.

As the AJC’s story notes, Loeffler’s ethical conflicts could be particularly critical as Congress considers legislation next year concerning the regulation of her firm and industry, especially given concern from watchdogs that Senate rules on ethics “are often toothless and difficult to enforce.” Given that Loeffler “faced little vetting from the public” before she bought herself a temporary Senate appointment from Governor* Brian Kemp, it’s no wonder that ethical conflicts are already emerging even before she’s taken office.

But Loeffler’s potential conflicts of interest are just the latest example of how out-of-touch this political insider is. Loeffler has also faced attacks from her own party who see her as “unacceptable,” “the wrong choice”  “disqualified” and call her appointment “a mockery” and “pandering,” as a sign of just how little trust her own party’s base puts in her. And even as she’s asking Georgians to trust her, she’s already meeting with Mitch McConnell before she meets with everyday Georgians.

“Kelly Loeffler is not only willing to try to buy a Senate seat, she’s also ready to expect a return on her investment,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Kelly Loeffler should be focusing on how best to serve Georgians but instead, she’s refusing to say how she will avoid the ‘minefield’ of ethical issues and conflicts of interest that await her in the Senate.”


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