Loeffler and Collins Silent After DeJoy AGAIN Refuses to Return Mail-Sorting Machines

August 25, 2020

DeJoy admitted he will not return mail-sorting machines removed on his watch as Loeffler and Collins continue downplaying and ignoring USPS issues

ATLANTA — Today, Postmaster General — and GOP mega-donor — Louis DeJoy doubled-down on his refusal to return mail-sorting machines removed on his watch after previously stating last week he had “no intention” of restoring the equipment — but Senator Kelly Loeffler and Congressman Doug Collins are still refusing to condemn this blatant undermining of Postal Service functions.

Instead, as Georgians face delays in the arrival of critical medications for veterans and seniors as well as new threats to voting rights, Loeffler and Collins have dismissed Postal Service issues as “a distraction” or “made up.” This weekend, Collins even said that DeJoy and the Postal Service were “doing a good job of getting post delivered to the people who need it” as Georgians suffer from delays.

Rather than trying to fix issues at the Postal Service, Loeffler and Collins have instead stood with their GOP colleagues slamming a critical measure that would allow the Postal Service to do its job in the midst of slowdowns and cutbacks as the Senate continues its summer vacation.

“While Senator Kelly Loeffler and Congressman Doug Collins refuse to hold Trump lackey Louis DeJoy accountable for undermining the Postal Service, Georgia families are forced to suffer the consequences,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Critical deliveries from lifesaving medications to ballots are on the line, but Loeffler and Collins would rather carry water for the Trump administration than listen to Georgians.”


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