Loeffler AGAIN Caught Using Her Fortune to Buy Political Cover

May 21, 2020

Loeffler already bought her temporary Senate appointment and is now trying to use her millions to cover for her stock trading scandal

ATLANTA — Last night, a late-filed FEC report revealed that unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler is once again trying to buy her way into power as her husband made his largest ever federal political contribution to a pro-Trump super PAC — just days after Axios reported sources close to Trump “doubt he’ll endorse Loeffler” after her stock trading scandal.

Loeffler’s husband, NYSE Chairman Jeff Sprecher, gave $1 million to Trump’s top super PAC in late April, after both Loeffler and Sprecher had refused to support the Trump campaign in 2016. But with Loeffler now facing calls to drop out of the race amid poor polling numbers and bipartisan criticism of her coronavirus stock trades, she and her husband are once again trying to use their millions to get ahead.

Loeffler had already used her vast fortune to buy her temporary Senate appointment from Governor* Brian Kemp with a pledge to funnel $20 million into the race. But her promise still failed to dissuade her conservative opponent, top Trump ally Congressman Doug Collins, from entering the contest anyway — setting up a bitter and expensive “all-out Republican feud” that continues to wreck the GOP’s chances in Georgia.

“Senator Kelly Loeffler is using her old strategy: buy her way out of any problem, just like she already bought her Senate appointment,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “This kind of backroom dealing is exactly why Georgians don’t trust Loeffler, and another reason why she won’t be able to bail out her failing campaign no matter how much money she and her husband light on fire.”


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