LGBTQ Leaders Call On Kemp to Reject Endorsement From Extremist Group

June 24, 2022

Kemp campaign embraced support from group attacking LGBTQ Georgians that urged its supporters to “intentionally reject” Pride Month

After a new story from The Georgia Voice revealed that Frontline Policy Action, a right-wing anti-LGBTQ organization, urged its supporters to “intentionally reject” Pride Month, Georgia LGBTQ leaders are calling on Brian Kemp to reject the group’s endorsement. Upon receiving Frontline Policy Action’s backing in the Republican Primary, Kemp said he was “honored” to have their support and noted that he had “worked alongside them…to deliver historic wins for the conservative movement.”

In its email calling on supporters to reject Pride Month, Frontline Policy Action declared that “The LGBTQ+ lifestyle is exactly that — sin,” and  “…the LGBTQ+ Agenda is a desire to normalize sin, to impose ‘acceptance’ of sin on others, and to ‘groom’ a rising generation to view anyone willing to stand for truth as hateful, bigoted, and narrow-minded.”

The Georgia Voice’s report also noted how the governor’s “anti-LGBTQ leadership” has impacted the state — Georgia ranked 33rd in the U.S. for LGBTQ equality in the 2022 Out Leadership State LGBTQ Business Climate Index. And despite other Republican leaders opposing anti-equality bills that would allow discrimination against the LGBTQ community, Kemp has repeatedly pledged his support for this type of legislation

“Frontline Policy Action’s anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric is hateful and harmful — and Brian Kemp’s decision to stand with this group signals that under his leadership, Georgia supports discriminating and marginalizing vulnerable communities. We strongly urge the governor to reject their endorsement, distance himself from this discriminatory organization, and demonstrate with his actions that all are welcome in Georgia. Standing with Frontline Policy Action sends the wrong message to Georgians that it’s ok to use religion as justification to discriminate and hate someone who is different, and tells companies that Georgia isn’t an inclusive place for business. Under Kemp’s leadership, Georgia is ranked 33rd on the LGBTQ Business Climate Index. We can do better. We deserve better,” said State Representative Sam Park, the first openly gay man elected to Georgia’s General Assembly

“Governor Kemp should disavow Frontline Policy Action’s support and distance himself from their hateful rhetoric. With their own comments, it’s clear that they want nothing less than to erase LGBTQ Georgians and our families from public life. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen threats of violence directed at the LGBTQ community, including death threats against students in Georgia who were organizing a rally at the State Capitol in support of transgender children, at a level not seen in decades. Frontline’s extremist views run counter to the views of the vast majority of Georgians who solidly believe that no one should face discrimination due to their sexual orientation and gender identity,” stated Jeff Graham, Georgia Equality Executive Director.

Read more on Frontline Policy Action’s hateful rhetoric and call to supporters to “intentionally reject” Pride Month:

The Georgia Voice: Conservative Organization Endorsing Gov. Kemp Urges Supporters to Reject Pride

  • A conservative organization that has publicly endorsed Gov. Brian Kemp sent an email to supporters at the start of Pride month urging them to “intentionally reject” Pride.
  • The organization [Frontline Policy Action] released its endorsement of Gov. Kemp on May 5 ahead of the primary election, in which he won the Republican gubernatorial nomination.
  • Less than a month later, on June 1, Frontline Policy Action sent an email to supporters with seven tips on how to “reject Pride.” Georgia Voice obtained a copy of the email.
  • “In 2022 America, the month of June is co-opted by those who want to embrace evil, ‘groom’ our children, and seek to pass their warped distortion of human sexuality as ‘normal,’” the email read. “It isn’t normal. You don’t have to accept it. And, as a Bible-believing Christian, you are called to reject a radical ideology that encourages people to be ‘proud of sin.’”
  • “The LGBTQ+ lifestyle is exactly that — sin,” the email continued. “And the LGBTQ+ Agenda is a desire to normalize sin, to impose ‘acceptance’ of sin on others, and to ‘groom’ a rising generation to view anyone willing to stand for truth as hateful, bigoted, and narrow-minded.”
  • The email went on to list seven ways to “intentionally” reject Pride month: deny money from those who promote Pride month, speak out on social media, urge your pastor to discuss “God’s Design for human sexuality,” ground your family in “God’s Word,” make your marriage inwardly and outwardly joyful, vote for a candidate that “supports God’s Design,” and donate to Frontline Policy Council, the organization’s nonprofit arm.
  • Gov. Kemp’s office did not issue a proclamation endorsing Pride month this year, and while advertisements for Gov. Kemp’s 2018 campaign were found on Grindr, he did not explicitly attempt to appeal to LGBTQ voters, even failing to respond to an LGBTQ acceptance survey from GLAAD. During his term, he has consistently advocated against the LGBTQ community. 
  • While he signed SB 164, which modernized Georgia’s HIV laws, he also signed HB 1084, which creates an athletics committee with the authority to ban trans youth from playing on gender-affirming sports teams. He not only signed the bill into law, he also personally visited both the House and Senate chambers during the final hours of session to push legislators to pass it.
  • Gov. Kemp’s anti-LGBTQ leadership has had an impact on the state. According to a report from Out Leadership published this month, the 2022 Out Leadership State LGBTQ Business Climate Index, Georgia ranks 33rd in the country for LGBTQ equality with a state index score of 52.73 out of 100.
  • In the category ranking the governor’s political and religious attitudes, Georgia received a one, the lowest possible score on the five-point scale.
  • “The data reflects a troubling trend: too many states are mortgaging their future in order to be discriminatory against LGBTQ people,” the report reads. “Despite the best efforts of a few governors standing in opposition to their legislative counterparts, states are betting that short-term wins in the culture war will outweigh long term losses in talent recruitment, innovation, and consumer trust.”


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