Legislators Speak Out Following Brian Kemp’s Comments Threatening Access to Contraception

September 19, 2022

“Georgia women are sitting here, holding our collective breath, waiting to see what new way our governor will restrict our bodily autonomy if given the chance.”

This morning, Georgia lawmakers held a press conference to call attention to Gov. Brian Kemp’s recent comments opening the door to banning contraception in Georgia if he’s re-elected. In his statements, Kemp signaled his openness to outlawing contraception, pointing out that states have the power to enact policies restricting reproductive health care.

State Representative Dr. Jasmine Clark

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“Brian Kemp has shown us who he is — an anti-choice extremist who will use government mandates to take away our rights and control our bodies. He’s already banned abortion before most women know they’re pregnant. If he’s re-elected, Kemp could strip Georgia women of the right to access emergency contraception and other forms — we cannot let that happen. Early vote starts in less than a month — make your plan to vote today. With the power of our voices at the ballot box, we can elect pro-choice leaders who will protect our rights and fight Brian Kemp’s anti-choice, anti-freedom government overreach,” said State Representative Shea Roberts.

“Banning emergency contraception is extreme. This is basic, preventive health care. There are many forms of contraceptives that are safe and effective, and all women and families should have access to affordable family planning. You’ve heard Kemp admit his openness to banning contraception on tape. You’ve heard congressional and national Republicans say the same. Brian Kemp has made it abundantly clear, if he’s re-elected, he’ll go even further than his extreme six-week abortion ban that’s already in place — who’s to say he’d stop at outlawing emergency contraception? Do you want a government bureaucrat, or a politician, stepping into the doctor’s office with you? Or do you want to make your own choices, and be free to live your own life? That’s what’s on the ballot in November, and that’s what is at stake in this election,” asserted State Representative Dr. Jasmine Clark.

“Access to forms of contraception is an absolutely fundamental right. It’s paramount to allowing all women, no matter where they live or how much money they make, to control their lives and futures. Our governor has already proven that he doesn’t care about that. We have every reason to worry that Kemp could jump into action to ban emergency contraception, and potentially other other forms, if the opportunity arises — the same way he did with other reproductive rights. Georgia women are sitting here, holding our collective breath, waiting to see what new way our governor will restrict our bodily autonomy if given the chance. My Democratic colleagues in the statehouse and I will fight like hell, as we always have, against legislation that endangers Georgians’ health, wellbeing, and fundamental rights,” stressed State Senator Elena Parent.

“Kemp’s openness to banning forms of contraception should sound warning bells in the ears of every Georgian woman as we get closer to Election Day. We need a governor who respects our reproductive rights to work with us on these issues. We know that Brian Kemp will not, in fact we know he could do the exact opposite — continuing his leveraging of government power to roll back our rights. I’m asking every woman in Georgia: please, pay attention. Get involved and get engaged. Talk to your family, your friends, and your neighbors. Extreme Republicans like Brian Kemp are saying loud and clear what they intend to do if they gain power,” shared State Senator Sally Harrell, Co-Chair of the Women’s Legislative Caucus.

Senator Harrell also discussed a pediatrician telling her Kemp’s abortion ban is impacting emergency contraception availability and the ability of patients as young as 14 to access abortion care:

“Kemp’s abortion ban has already had an impact on emergency contraception. Several weeks ago I heard from a constituent, who happens to be a emergency room pediatrician, that he was having trouble securing contraceptives for his patients — he told me he was seeing a shortage due to the abortion ban. He also told me every single day in the ER they are seeing children, young girls, 14 years old, 15 years, 16 years old, who are pregnant and it’s already too late for the 6-week deadline. He told me he saw one child who was at 4 weeks, but they could not secure appointments in time to meet the 6-week deadline. In practical terms, he, said, it’s a complete ban on abortions for these children,” explained State Senator Harrell.


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