Key Questions Kemp Needs To Answer In Tonight’s Town Hall to Fight COVID-19 & Protect Georgians

March 26, 2020

ATLANTA – Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia and Fair Fight PAC called on Governor* Brian Kemp to answer key questions in tonight’s town hall about how he is fighting the spread of the coronavirus and what his administration will do to protect Georgians: 

  1. Given the strain on Georgia’s medical system, especially on hospital systems in Southwest Georgia, will Brian Kemp expand Medicaid to provide more funds and support to hospitals, providers, and patients?
  2. Has any state task force or local hospital set up expanded patient transfer services for the small hospitals and clinics outside Metro Atlanta and regional hospitals?
  3. Maternal mortality is already a crisis in Georgia, particularly in rural Southwest areas. With the extreme burden this pandemic is placing on local hospitals and medical systems, how will Brian Kemp ensure maternal mortality rates do not further increase during this time?
  4. The Governor of Mississippi has issued a directive that supersedes local shelter-in-place orders. Will Brian Kemp pledge not to take any similar action in Georgia?
  5. Given the increasing number of cases and fatalities, does Brian Kemp plan to issue a statewide shelter-in-place order, as recommended by many medical professionals, and as many other states have done?
  6. Grocery, retail and food processing workers are essential to the management of this crisis and deserve the same resources afforded to other emergency personnel during this pandemic. Will Brian Kemp classify them as emergency personnel during this pandemic?
  7. This pandemic has increased economic strain on households across the state. Will Brian Kemp expand access to new SNAP applications, as well as expand existing SNAP benefits until June 2020?
  8. Unemployment has increased sharply because of this pandemic. Will Brian Kemp commit to adding additional virtual staff to handle unemployment claims, as well as waiving the seven day waiting period and work-search requirements for applicants?


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