Kemp’s Handpicked “Political Mega-Donor” Appointee Kelly Loeffler Makes Clear on Day 1 She’s Trying to Buy a Senate Seat

December 4, 2019

On the day of her formal announcement, Loeffler enters “GOP firestorm” and looks to buy her seat outright with millions

ATLANTA — Today, right after Governor* Brian Kemp announced that he is appointing “political mega-donor” Kelly Loeffler to the Senate, it was revealed that Loeffler is preparing to spend $20 million of her fortune to buy her Senate seat outright after having it temporarily given to her.

Loeffler’s efforts to buy a Senate seat fit with her record of spending whatever it takes to woo party leaders and get appointed to the Senate, a record that has even landed her in hot water with members of her own party. This week, Sean Hannity slammed Loeffler as “an untested, big-Republican Romney donor” after he previously accused Kemp of making “a big mistake” by appointing her.

Now, before she’s even set foot on the Senate floor, Loeffler is already plotting to use her fortune to buy her Senate seat permanently even as allies of Kemp admitted that “the fix was in” for Loeffler as part of a corrupt deal to appoint her and put a top GOP donor in the Senate. 

Already derided by her party’s own base as “unacceptable,” “the wrong choice” and “disqualified,” Loeffler is facing a potential “all-out Republican feud” on the 2020 ballot and will need all the help she can get — or is willing to buy. 

“Kelly Loeffler wasted no time proving that she is more than willing to try to buy her Senate seat outright rather than working to win the trust and support of Georgians,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Georgia voters are tired of political insiders and special interests using their donor connections to buy power and influence, and they will not stand for this type of corruption in 2020 no matter how much of her fortune Loeffler throws away.”


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