Georgia Parents: Brian Kemp Would Endanger Our Kids

September 19, 2018

Kemp’s Support for Arming Teachers, Allowing Guns on Campuses is Dangerous

ATLANTA — Today, Georgia parents responded to Brian Kemp’s dangerous plans for Georgia schools and campuses, which include arming teachers with loaded weapons.

“Brian Kemp’s reckless policies would endanger our children,” said Perri Chandler of Atlanta, a parent of a 2nd grade student. “Students should have access to mental health services, not weapons, and teachers should be armed with school supplies and quality textbooks, not loaded firearms. It’s bad enough that Brian Kemp would deprive our public schools of $200 million a year, but putting our children within feet of loaded weapons each day would make it even more difficult for them to learn. While it’s no surprise that the same Brian Kemp who pointed a shotgun at a teenager on television believes that teachers should carry loaded guns in schools, it’s still shocking to hear him reiterate his support for these dangerous policies.”

In addition to his support for having teachers carry loaded weapons in classrooms, Brian Kemp supports allowing college students to possess firearms on Georgia campuses.

“It is unconscionable that Brian Kemp supports allowing students to carry guns on my child’s campus,” said Tonya Grimmke of Marietta, a parent of a junior at the University of North Georgia, where supporters of Brian Kemp recently raffled off an assault weapon for a student, something Kemp condoned. “Each day, I have to worry because there are literally firearms within range of my child, and this is all perfectly legal because of policies that Brian Kemp supports. Politicians like Brian Kemp, and the gun lobby that he follows lock, stock, and barrel, should not endanger my child or any Georgia parent’s child, but that is what is happening every day.”


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