Video Release: Members of His Own Party Agree, Brian Kemp Can’t be Trusted

July 26, 2018

Brian Kemp: Too Incompetent to be Trusted with Georgia’s Future

GEORGIA Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia released a new video exposing new GOP Gubernatorial nominee Brian Kemp for his professional, personal, and ethical failings. The video makes it clear that Kemp cannot be trusted to put the interests of Georgia families and business over those of his own.

Featuring the words of former GOP Gubernatorial candidates Michael Williams, Clay Tippins, and Casey Cagle, the videos highlights Brian Kemp’s blatant disregard for the interests of everyday Georgians in favor of those of his own and showcases several of the many instances where Kemp’s professional incompetencies served as a detriment to Georgia voters.

Even Nathan Deal didn’t trust Brian Kemp enough to endorse him, openly worrying whether Kemp’s policies would “undo” and “destroy” the progress made by Georgia over the past eight years.

Voters have a decision to make on which candidate they can trust this November. With Brian Kemp’s failed track record, self-serving ways, and consistent professional failures, under no circumstances is that candidate Brian Kemp.

“When it comes to the real Brian Kemp, Georgia voters have only scratched the surface of what they think they know. The reality is that Brian Kemp has always put his own personal politics over Georgia families and businesses and has a track record of consistently being promoted beyond his ability,” said Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter. “That ends now. Due to his failed track record, questionable judgement, and ethically reprehensible dealings as Secretary of State, Georgia voters simply can’t trust Brian Kemp to be the next Governor of our state.”

To view the new video, click here.


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