Kemp: School Safety Isn’t About Guns (Despite School Shootings)

June 7, 2022

After the school shooting in Uvalde and growing calls from within his own partyfor gun violence prevention, Brian Kemp is refusing to discuss guns as part of school safety, trying to avoid his abysmal record that has increased the risk of gun violence in Georgia.

Instead of working to address rising gun violence across the state, which is now the leading cause of death for Georgia children, Kemp has doubled down on defending his extreme “criminal carry” law, which makes it easier for criminals to carry loaded, concealed guns in public without a permit or its background check.

Kemp’s refusal to address the issue comes as members of his own party are backing away from his extreme record on guns. Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan and GOP voters are calling for action to address gun violence in Georgia.

“It’s ironic that Brian Kemp, who pointed a shotgun at a boy on TV and made it a priority to loosen Georgia’s gun laws, claims to be a leader on school safety. As voters of all parties and leaders like Republican Lieutenant Governor Duncan call for action on gun safety, Kemp will no longer be able to distract from his extreme record on guns and his refusal to consider ways to keep Georgians safe,” said State Senator Elena Parent.

AJC: The Jolt: Brian Kemp’s school safety plan avoids mention of guns

  • Gov. Brian Kemp is stressing the need for more security at schools – not new firearms restrictions or stronger gun control laws – after another series of mass shootings around the country.
  • Notably absent was any mention of access to firearms or changes to Georgia gun policy. Georgia lawmakers recently eliminated the requirement to have a permit requirement to carry a weapon in the state, which Kemp signed into law earlier this year.
  • Like most other Georgia Republican leaders, Kemp opposes new efforts to curb gun access. A detailed “School Safety Update” his office recently released focuses instead on training sessions and site assessments.


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