RELEASE: On the 53rd Anniversary of Medicaid, Brian Kemp Still Refuses to Support Medicaid Expansion

July 30, 2018

Under Republican Leadership, Georgia has Already Become an ‘At-Risk’ Patient

Under Kemp’s Plan, Georgia Would Continue to Lose $8 Million Per Day   

GEORGIA – “Brian Kemp and the GOP leadership’s refusal to expand Medicaid has resulted in a loss of more than $3 billion per year in federal funds, making Georgia an ‘at-risk’ patient,” said Democratic Party of Georgia’s Chair, DuBose Porter.

Porter’s statement follows confirmation from Brian Kemp that regardless of the benefits of expanding Medicaid, he would not pursue additional federal dollars for health care coverage through Medicaid. According to US Census data, Georgia currently has a 12.9% uninsured rate, making it the fifth worst in the country. Additionally, six rural hospitals have closed since 2013–costing Georgians thousands of jobs–and more than half of the remaining rural hospitals remain financially vulnerable to closure. This Medicaid expansion would provide payment to hospitals and healthcare providers for their services.

“Despite the irreversible harm that his stances are inflicting on all Georgians, Brian Kemp has made it clear that he does not plan on lifting a finger to improve healthcare measures here in Georgia, putting the lives of Georgians at further risk,” continued Porter. “It is time to elect leaders across the state who will commit to building a healthier, more prosperous Georgia.”

Expanding Medicaid would provide coverage to nearly 500,000 Georgians. Thirty-two other states across the U.S. have expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, – and Georgia is not one of them. Due to GOP leadership in Georgia and their inability to take advantage of the opportunity to expand Medicaid, Georgia ranks near the bottom-tier of statesby many healthcare measures.

By every moral, economic and health measurement available, one thing has become clear— Kemp’s reckless decision to not even consider expanding Medicaid continues to make Georgia an ‘at-risk’ patient.

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