Kemp Punts on RFRA As SBLIII Draws Near

February 1, 2019

Continues Unnecessary Roughness Against Georgia’s Economy, LGBTQ Community

ATLANTA – Last week, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that after campaigning on job-killing RFRA legislation, Brian Kemp and Georgia Republicans tried to hide their extreme agenda from the world in advance of Sunday’s Super Bowl:

“GOP leadership has encouraged the rank-and-file to wait until Feb. 4 — the day after Super Bowl in Atlanta – to file legislation that might generate poor headlines or otherwise start eyeballs bleeding at the Metro Atlanta Chamber headquarters.”

Unfortunately for Kemp and the Republicans, they fumbled the play – the session’s first bill legalizing discrimination was filed on Tuesday as the nation’s football fans started flying into Atlanta.

Throughout his campaign, Kemp was criticized by business leaders, the 9 billion dollar film industry and the LGBTQ community for his support of RFRA because it would sack Georgia’s economy and send the wrong message. Even Speaker of the House David Ralston has said RFRA “is a solution in search of a problem” and “has a real potential to divide us as a state.”

Unlike his election, Kemp can’t be his own referee for this match – and as the eyes of the nation are on Georgia, his backwards agenda is in the spotlight.


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