Kemp Poses, Gives Thumbs Up With White Supremacist Who “Regularly Posts Online Videos Calling For Black People To Be Shot On Sight”

October 26, 2018

Kemp and His Campaign Allowed Racist Shirt-Wearing White Supremacist James Stachowiak To Live Film, On His Hate-Filled Periscope Channel, A Kemp Campaign Event At Wild Wings Cafe In Augusta

ATLANTA – Today, Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter issued the following statement after the revelation that Brian Kemp appeared in a video with white supremacist James Stachowiak:

“The fact that Brian Kemp eagerly posed with a nationally known white supremacist wearing a racist t-shirt tells you everything you need to know about the kind of governor he would be. Georgia must move beyond the divisions that plagued us in decades past, but Brian Kemp has made clear that he wants to turn back the clock on people of color, stop progress for women, and deny equality for LGBTQ Georgians. When this individual joined other white supremacists carrying Kemp for Governor signs, appearing at an Abrams campaign event and threatening an African-American woman veteran, Brian Kemp said nothing. Instead of condemning racism, Mr. Kemp has orchestrated widespread voter suppression and engaged in divisive campaign rhetoric that is unbecoming of a man seeking the office of governor. Georgians of all races will not stand for Brian Kemp’s backward-looking agenda; they will continue to go to the polls in unprecedented numbers and vote for the only candidate who can move our state forward: Stacey Abrams.”

Stachowiak “regularly posts online videos calling for black people to be shot on sight” The Root reported. He and his band of white nationalists made national headlines in August after threatening an African-American woman veteran at an Abrams campaign event. Despite the fact that Stachowiak is a well known white supremacist and was wearing a racist shirt, the Kemp campaign allowed him to live film, on his hate-filled Periscope channel, a Kemp campaign event at Wild Wings Cafe in Augusta on Friday, October 5.


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