Kemp Plays Politics With 2020 Election Probe to Win Trump’s Support

August 17, 2022

Just After Kemp Signaled He’d Welcome Trump’s Endorsement, He’s Fighting a Subpoena to Testify Against the Former President

Just after Gov. Brian Kemp doubled down on his efforts to receive President Donald Trump’s endorsement, Kemp is now refusing to testify against Trump in Fulton County prosecutors’ investigation into the Trump campaign’s efforts to overturn Georgia’s 2020 elections. A new report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution revealed that an attorney for Kemp is trying to squash a subpoena compelling the governor’s testimony before the Fulton County special grand jury.

Kemp’s decision to fight the subpoena and resist testifying against Trump comes after a report last week from Fox News that Kemp would welcome the former president’s endorsement. Kemp has also already said that he would “absolutely” support Trump in 2024 and noted that he “never ‘once said a bad word’ about” Trump. After Trump attacked Kemp throughout the primary, Kemp is afraid of angering the former president by testifying — which could lead Trump to again take aim at Kemp during the general election.

“Time and time again, Brian Kemp has shown just how desperate he is to receive Donald Trump’s support. After Trump repeatedly attacked and disrespected Kemp during the primary, Kemp is now fighting a subpoena to testify against the former president for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. The timing tells the story — just last week Kemp said he’d welcome Trump’s endorsement, now Kemp is trying to get out of testifying against him. With twelve weeks until the election, Kemp is terrified about getting on Trump’s bad side and doing all he can to avoid further attacks,” asserted Max Flugrath, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia.

This isn’t the first time Kemp has put politics over our democracy: In Georgia’s final GOP gubernatorial debate, held on May 1, Brain Kemp revealed that his frustration with the “results” of the 2020 election was the driving force behind SB 202, one of the most egregious voter suppression laws in the country.


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