Kemp Disses Trump As GOP Infighting Intensifies

February 17, 2022

Bruising and Expensive,” “Nasty” Republican Primary Continues

Yesterday, new reporting from CNN revealed a negative comment Brian Kemp made about Donald Trump when asked about the former president’s influence in Georgia’s Republican gubernatorial primary. Kemp dismissed Trump’s involvement as “noise” from “people in other states” in a radio interview with AccessWDUN.

Question: “Obviously, you are a supporter of President Trump, he has turned against you because of the 2020 election. Are you concerned that he may have undue influence in 2022, that may hurt you?”

Kemp: “I can’t worry about a bunch of noise from you know, people in other states.”

Kemp’s rebuke of Trump is the latest escalation in a Republican primary that’s going off the rails and growing increasingly divisive as he trades attacks with David Perdue. The dismissive comment also comes after the Republican Governors Association placed an ad buy to support Kemp, the first time the organization has done this for an incumbent governor in a primary election. Trump’s involvement in the GOP primary has been all-consuming for Kemp and Perdue — their focus has been set on the former president instead of issues which impact voters’ lives.

“Brian Kemp’s rebuke of Trump’s involvement in this race proves just how worried he is about his chances for re-election — the battle lines have been drawn, it’s Trump and Perdue vs. Kemp and the RGA. As the race devolves into a Republican brawl, Kemp and Perdue are offering Georgians no meaningful plans to uphold public safety, protect voting rights, increase access to affordable health care, or address other crucial issues impacting their lives. We’re witnessing the further fracturing of the Georgia GOP as Kemp opposes the former president and his hand-picked lackey David Perdue,” stated Max Flugrath, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Kemp’s barb at Trump came at the end of his long response where he avoided answering the question. See below for Kemp’s full answer:

“Look, I have great confidence in the voters of the state of Georgia, you know, they elected me to do a job that I promised them I would do. And that’s what I’ve done. So I’ll let them be the final say so on that, but I’ve got a great record to run on. I’m staying positive and focused on that record, and reminding people of the things that I’ve done — supporting law enforcement, you know, great health care reform, a lot of other things that I promised people I would do, including two waivers from the Trump administration, that we worked with them on. And I think that’s what people want, you know, they want a governor who’s going to stand up and fight for them. I can’t worry about a bunch of noise from you know, people in other states.”

The question and response from Kemp can be heard at the 10:33 mark in the full recording.


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