Kemp Disparaged American Rescue Plan, But Continues Using Funds to Help Win Re-Election

August 25, 2022

Kemp Called Democrats’ ARP a “Slap in the Face to Hardworking Georgians” But Continues to Take Credit for Its Funds

Despite Gov. Brian Kemp’s harsh criticisms of Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, the package has funded crucial projects across Georgia — which Kemp is now bragging about on the campaign trail as he tries to take credit and boost his chances of re-election. Today, Kemp announced millions in funding to “strengthen public safety and reinforce local law enforcement,” funded by Democrats’ American Rescue Plan. The Democratic Party of Georgia released the following statement:

“Once again, Brian Kemp is turning to funds provided by Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, which he called ‘a slap in the face for hardworking Georgians’ and urged Georgia’s U.S. Senators to oppose. While Kemp blasts Biden, he’s quick to spend the funds provided by the President’s efforts and brag about the projects on the campaign trail — hypocrisy at its finest. Georgians have President Biden and our state’s Democratic members of Congress to thank for these funds, and voters will remember that in November,” asserted Max Flugrath, spokesman for the Democratic party of Georgia.

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Earlier this year, Georgia Democrats released a new website to hold Kemp accountable on his opposition to the American Rescue Plan and his efforts to try and take credit for all it delivered to Georgia:

A Vital Tool for Re-Election: A report last week from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution highlighted Kemp’s hypocrisy, noting that while he’s “been using the billions of dollars the federal government has sent to the state as a vital tool in his reelection campaign,” he was a vocal opponent before its passage. Kemp called the ARP “unacceptable” and a “slap in the face to hardworking Georgians” — and he even went so far as to urge Georgia’s U.S. Senators to block it, which could have potentially cost Georgia billions of dollars.

Earlier this month, Kemp announced that millions in American Rescue Plan dollars would fund rural broadband improvements. This comes in addition to Kemp taking credit for Democrats’ ARP funding that went towards everything from water and sewer improvements and other broadband projects, to funding to help small businesses recover from the pandemic and bonuses for first responders


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