After Putting Women At Risk, Brian Kemp Blames… Governor Nathan Deal?!?

September 6, 2018

ATLANTA — Throughout his deceptive and misleading campaign for Governor, Brian Kemp has continued to run away from his abysmal record of putting Georgians at risk, even throwing Governor Nathan Deal under the bus. As Secretary of State, Kemp’s job was to oversee professional licenses, including those of massage therapists. But instead of putting our safety first, his office ignored 96% of sexual assault complaints over three years and allowed known abusers to keep their licenses, putting women across Georgia in harm’s way.

But when called out for his failures, Kemp scrambled to pass the blame to a member of his own party, pointing the finger at Governor Nathan Deal instead.

“Brian Kemp is kidding himself if he thinks he can escape responsibility from putting women at risk when his office renewed the massage license of an abuser who pleaded guilty after assaulting a woman during a massage,” said Seth Bringman, spokesman for the Georgia Democratic Party.  

But while Kemp refuses to accept responsibility, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) makes clear that Kemp “holds sway” over dozens of licensing boards’ ability to conduct investigations, and notes that the massage board falls “under the umbrella” of the Secretary of State’s Office.

Brian Kemp has made it clear that he doesn’t take his responsibilities in office seriously.

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