Kemp and Perdue Argue Over Who Would Weaken Gun Safety More

December 21, 2021

Failed former senator David Perdue has launched his latest attack in the “scorched-earth” Republican primary against embattled governor Brian Kemp, calling out what he considers to be one of Kemp’s biggest failures in office: not weakening gun safety laws enough.

Perdue went after Kemp this week for not being extreme enough on guns and called for a dangerous rule relaxation that would allow Georgians to carry concealed weapons with no permit.

Kemp – who famously ran a campaign ad in 2018 featuring him pointing a gun at a teenager and who endorsed the same dangerous measures as Perdue – rushed to defend himself as even more aggressively anti-gun safety than Perdue, accusing Perdue of not “giving a rip” about loosening gun safety laws.

“David Perdue and Brian Kemp arguing over who would do the most to jeopardize Georgians’ safety says a lot about their misguided priorities for Georgia,” said Rebecca Galanti, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Kemp and Perdue are two peas in a pod when it comes to prioritizing extreme legislation over the issues that actually affect Georgia families’ everyday lives, like expanding health care or investing in education. While Kemp and Perdue duke it out over who can weaken gun safety laws the most, Democrats are prioritizing legislation to help children, families, and communities thrive.”


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