Kemp and Perdue Allies Begin Rushing Extreme Permit-less Carry Bill Through Legislature

January 31, 2022

AJC Columnist: “It’s election year in Georgia, time for Republicans — again — to push the notion that there needs to be more weaponry out there.”

Brian Kemp and former Senator David Perdue’s Republican allies in the State Senate are beginning to rush an extreme bill through the legislature that would allow Georgians to carry concealed firearms without a permit. The permit-less carry bill, SB 319, is expected to be heard in committee tomorrow afternoon.

The push comes after Kemp and Perdue attacked each other over who would do the most to weaken gun safety laws as governor, despite new polling showing nearly 70% of Georgians oppose permit-less concealed gun carry.

“Kemp and Perdue are racing to the extremes in their ‘scorched earth’ feud — putting the lives of Georgians on the line as they fight for political survival. Georgia Republicans’ dangerous and out-of-touch proposal, being quietly rushed through by Kemp and Perdue allies under the Gold Dome, will lead to more guns on our streets and more gun violence in our communities. It’s despicable that Kemp, Perdue, and Georgia Republicans are willing to risk lives to score political points — Georgians need leaders who prioritize public safety over election-year politics,” stated Max Flugrath, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia.


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