RELEASE: Kemp’s Lawyers Defend His $500,000 Unpaid Loan in Court

August 23, 2018

Reviews Are In: Brian Kemp’s Money Issues Could “Complicate” Campaign for Governor

Brian Kemp Cheated His Investor, Now He Wants to Cheat Georgians

ATLANTA–Today, the Gwinnett County Court held a hearing on a case centered around an unpaid half a million dollar loan that Brian Kemp personally guaranteed. While Brian Kemp failed to show up in person today, his lawyers spent the better part of the 90-minute hearing defending Kemp’s “broken promises.”

According to court documents, millionaire Brian Kemp personally guaranteed the $500,000 loan and even negotiated with the investor to extend the deadline, twice. After missing the final deadline, Kemp argued that he was no longer liable because his personal guaranty had expired. Then, when his deposition was scheduled, Kemp failed to appear without giving adequate notice.

Today, Kemp’s lawyers appeared in Gwinnett County Court on his behalf. The reaction to this appearance has come swift and fierce.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

“Promises were made, they were broken. That’s a judgment. Simple as that,” said Aaron Kappler, an attorney for Phillips and his RLP Investment firm. He was echoed by Patrick O’Brien, who accused Kemp and Hart AgStrong of flouting their agreement.

The upshot? Again, from the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

“Kemp has made his business background central to his race against Democrat Stacey Abrams…But his investment in the northeast Georgia firm Hart AgStrong has threatened to undercut his argument.”

These takes are all correct. Brian Kemp couldn’t keep his word to his investor, and now is trying to walk back on his promises. Georgians deserve better.  If his actions aren’t criminal, they should be.

Below are links to coverage on Brian Kemp’s broken promise to those who trusted him:

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