KELLY’S QUESTIONS: Did Loeffler Ask for Committee Assignment to Oversee Her Business Interests’ Regulator?

February 11, 2020

After a new AJC report reveals conflicts between “the company that made her rich” and her Senate oversight duties, Democratic Party of Georgia calls on Loeffler to answer basic questions about her “ethical dilemmas”

ATLANTA — Following new reports about her mounting “‘minefield’ of ethical issues” resulting in “one of the trickiest ethical dilemmas in recent congressional history,” temporary senator and “political mega-donor” Kelly Loeffler continues to find herself in hot water over her ethically questionable assignment to the Senate Agriculture Committee — “an overseer of the overseers of the company that made her rich.”

One key question remains unanswered: Did Senator Loeffler request to be assigned to the committee that would allow her to oversee the regulator of her own business interests in the Senate? Loeffler has so far refused to answer basic questions about her “100%” support of Senate Republicans’ toxic agenda or provide key details about how she will avoid her many potential conflicts of interest in the Senate. These include her and her husband’s firm’s extensive history of Washington influence peddling, which poured a staggering $17 million into its lobbying efforts since 2002. 

Now, after buying a temporary Senate appointment, Loeffler finds herself in a prime position to see a return on her investment — and Georgia voters deserve to know how she arrived there.

“After numerous reports about her conflicts of interest and ‘ethical dilemmas,’ Kelly Loeffler owes Georgia voters answers about how she scored an oversight role that could directly impact her business interests,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Georgians deserve nothing less than full transparency from Loeffler on whether she sought a committee appointment based on her own interests instead of serving Georgians.”


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