KELLY’S (DE)TOUR: After Her Stock Trading Scandal, Why Won’t Loeffler Follow “The Isakson Standard” and Put Her Portfolio in a Blind Trust?

July 14, 2020

Loeffler protected her portfolio during a public health crisis — but she still hasn’t followed her predecessor’s example who called blind trusts “the best way to comply…with the ethics disclosures”

ATLANTA — Today, as unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler continues her statewide tour while Georgians are facing a surging coronavirus outbreak and an economy struggling to recover, the Democratic Party of Georgia is calling on Loeffler to skip the (de)tour and answer a key question she has been evading for months:

After her coronavirus stock trading scandal, why won’t Loeffler follow “The Isakson Standard” and put her assets into a blind trust?

While Georgians were trying to protect their health in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, Loeffler, along with her fellow “establishment player” Senator David Perdue, were more focused on protecting their assets. After attending a private Senate briefing on the coronavirus, Loeffler not only dumped stocks that lost value as the outbreak spread but even invested in “a chemical company that supplies personal protective equipment.” 

Now, after trying to blame anything and everything for her own scandal, Loeffler still hasn’t answered why she won’t follow the standard set by her predecessor Senator Johnny Isakson who called blind trusts “the best way to comply…with the ethics disclosures.” 

“Enough is enough: It’s past time for Senator Kelly Loeffler to either put her assets in a blind trust, or explain why her predecessor Senator Johnny Isakson was wrong to call them ‘the best way’ to follow ethics rules,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Georgians deserve answers about Loeffler’s unseemly stock transactions — and Loeffler should start by telling them why she won’t follow the example of a member of her own party and put her assets in a blind trust.”


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