Kansas Abortion Vote Shows Kemp’s Extreme Abortion Ban Will Backfire in November

August 3, 2022

Kansas Voters Resoundingly Vote to Protect the Right to Access Abortion

Last night, voters in Kansas delivered a firm warning to extreme anti-choice politicians like Brian Kemp. Kansas voters turned out in record-setting numbers to protect reproductive freedom and reject a restrictive constitutional amendment that could have led to abortion bans in their state. In the first vote on abortion access since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Kansas voters overwhelmingly supported the right to access an abortion with 58% of the vote.

The Kansas results prove that voters are energized and motivated to fight for their rights and push back against politicians’ extreme attempts to outlaw abortion and other reproductive care. Politicians pushing abortion bans, like Gov. Brian Kemp, who signed an extreme law that makes abortion illegal before most women even know they’re pregnant, should be warned that their restrictive, unpopular laws are backfiring, motivating voters to turn out against them in November.

“Kansas voters sent a message last night for anti-choice incumbents like Gov. Brian Kemp: Americans will reject Republicans’ extreme and unpopular anti-abortion agenda in November. The resounding opposition isn’t an anomaly — here in Georgia, voters know that politicians like Kemp are a danger to reproductive freedom and our fundamental right to make private medical decisions for ourselves. By doubling down on his extreme abortion ban, which outlaws abortion before most women even know they’re pregnant, Kemp is risking the lives of millions of women, jeopardizing jobs and our economy, and digging his own political grave,” stated Congresswoman Nikema Williams, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Extreme and Unpopular: A new poll from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows a majority of Georgia voters, about 55%, oppose Kemp’s extreme ban on abortion — including over 60% of independent voters and a quarter of Republicans. Many voters also say a candidate’s stance on abortion will have an impact on their choice in November, with a strong plurality saying they want a candidate who supports the right to choose.

Jeopardizing Jobs and Georgia’s Economy: Days before Midown Music was cancelled due to Kemp’s extreme gun agenda, a group of over 400 women producers and showrunners sent a letter to major production studios working in Georgia and states whose Republican leaders banned or severely restricted abortion, calling for protections for pregnant employees who seek abortions and reproductive care. The letter is a warning sign that Kemp’s extreme and dangerous agenda could further damage Georgia’s economy. After Kemp signed his abortion ban in 2019, he said it was “fine” for businesses to leave Georgia and blatantly mocked industry leaders considering investing in our state. Now, as his restrictive ban has taken effect, he’s been silent on how it could impact our economy — just as he’s refused to comment on how Georgia’s loose gun laws led to Music Midtown’s cancellation.

Under Kemp, Georgia sank in the rankings for top states to do business. The plunge comes as Kemp runs for re-election, pushing unpopular, extreme, and dangerous policies that:

More on Brian Kemp’s extreme abortion ban:

  • Under Kemp’s agenda, victims of rape or incest could be forced to give birth. Kemp has repeatedly stated his staunch opposition to any exceptions for rape or incest in an abortion ban.
  • Health care professionals are warning that the governor’s new restrictions will “pile on challenges” for patients and providers in an already “tough system” to navigate.


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