Jon Ossoff Wins Second Debate As Perdue Fails to Take Responsibility For Divisive Remarks and Failure To Deliver COVID Relief

October 28, 2020

ATLANTA — Once again, Jon Ossoff was the clear and decisive winner in today’s debate against Senator Perdue. Ossoff slammed Perdue on his failure to take responsibility for downplaying the threat of coronavirus, rushing to confirm President Trump’s anti-health care Supreme Court pick who could put Georgians’ health care in jeopardy during a pandemic, and refusing to apologize for his recent divisive remarks. 

Jon Ossoff hammered Perdue for publicly downplaying the threat of the virus while he secretly profited from heavy stock trading as the outbreak spread across Georgia. Perdue profited from the crisis as he invested in a company that makes PPE the very same day the Senate held a private coronavirus briefing.

Senator Perdue refused to take responsibility for his failure to deliver economic relief for Georgia workers and small businesses as hundreds of thousands of Georgians lost their jobs as the Trump administration botched its handling of the pandemic while Senator Perdue railed against much-needed economic relief. 

Jon Ossoff’s winning performance reflects what Georgians have expressed in recent polling that shows Senator David Perdue trailing Ossoff. Further confirming Perdue’s own warning that the state of Georgia “is in play.” Washington Republicans are being forced to pump millions of dollars into the election to keep so-called “original outsider” (and actual “establishment player”) Perdue afloat.

“Jon Ossoff proved to Georgians that he will unite our country and be a real leader in the Senate, meanwhile Senator Perdue repeated divisive rhetoric and refused to take responsibility for his dangerous agenda to strip away protections for Georgians with pre-existing conditions during a public health crisis,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Senator Perdue’s failed leadership has cost Georgia families and small businesses too much, and they simply cannot afford another six years of Perdue’s recklessness. At today’s debate, Jon Ossof exemplified the new leadership Georgians are ready for.” 


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