It’s A Special [Election] Time of Year in Georgia!

March 14, 2019

Counties across Georgia are holding special elections on Tuesday, March 19th and it’s vital that voters show up and show out. Decisions made in special elections can make a big difference in your day-to-day life, so get the deets and learn more below.

What is a special election?
A special election happens at different times of the year for a number of reasons, such as:
1. A sudden vacancy in a public office like delegate or city councilman.
2. A county board mandated that a regional vote happen at a certain time.

Why are special elections important?

Special elections are important because often, the decisions made in special elections are incredibly local, and impact close to home, like the roads you drive on, the taxes you pay, and the schools in your neighborhood.

These votes often include the most direct form of democracy: referendums. In a referendum, the people directly vote on whether or not the government should do something.

Example: In some counties, the brunch referendum asks citizens if restaurants should be allowed to serve alcohol on Sunday mornings.

Example 2: In Gwinnett, the MARTA referendum asks Gwinnett citizens if they would like public transit expanded in their county.

Another important issue often voted on in special elections are Special Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax, or SPLOST. These votes directly determine how your local tax dollars are spent on capital expenses like parks, schools, roads, or other public facilities.

How can I be informed?

You can check the status of your voter registration and see if there’s a special election happening in your area HERE. You can also check out Georgia Democrat’s website for a list of some counties with special elections in March.

How can I vote?

Voting has already begun! You can vote early today through Friday, March 15th at any early voting site in your county – check your county board of elections website for details. You can also vote in person on Tuesday, March 19th at your polling place – check the My Voter Page for details.


Have any questions or concerns while voting? Call our Voter Protection Hotline at 1-888-730-5816. We’ve got your back!


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