Is Loeffler “Ashamed” of Her Political Patron Kemp Like Trump Is?

November 30, 2020

Trump whom Loeffler has pledged to stand behind “100%” attacks Kemp yet again as GOP infighting grows in Georgia at a time when Republicans can least afford it

Atlanta — Unelected “mega-donorKelly Loeffler has a question to answer: does she agree with President Trump, who is “ashamed” of endorsing Governor Brian Kemp or will she defend her political patron who bucked Trump’s wishes to give her the Senate seat?

Trump’s comments cap off a weekend full of new infighting in a situation that has become “the GOP’s worst nightmare in Georgia” right when their candidates can least afford it. Many Republicans have already “privately expressed fears that the GOP warring…risks alienating independent-leaning voters,” but Trump’s comments and yesterday’s visit by RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel demonstrated that this increasingly bitter fight “could turn off even the hardcore devotees” as well. Loeffler has repeatedly said she stands behind Trump “100%.”

Trump’s most recent attacks on Kemp, meanwhile, are just the latest chapter in an ongoing rift between the two that has left Georgia Republicans “in a tough spot” ever since Kemp ignored Trump’s advice and appointed Loeffler to the Senate to begin with — and after Trump privately “watched with alarm” over Loeffler’s weak candidacy.

“Given that her appointment created the rift between Governor Brian Kemp and President Donald Trump, Senator Kelly Loeffler owes Georgians an answer on these latest comments,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “After spending months pledging to stand behind Trump ‘100%,’ is Loeffler ‘ashamed’ of her political patron Kemp just like Trump is?”


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