Instead of Condemning Praise for Putin, Perdue Says Veterans’ Concerns are “False Narrative” Pushed by “Liberal Media”

March 8, 2022

Yesterday, after Georgia veterans condemned Perdue’s silence on Donald Trump’s praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin, David Perdue’s campaign responded — but instead of addressing the issue, derided the veterans’ concerns as a “false narrative” being pushed by the “liberal media.”

“Instead of condemning Trump’s praise for Putin, David Perdue dismissed valid concerns from veterans who called out his obedience to Donald Trump — that’s what his entire campaign is about. Perdue’s focus is on pleasing one man, not addressing the crucial issues impacting everyday Georgians. But to go beyond dismissing a valid concern and claim that criticism from Georgia veterans is coming from the ‘liberal media’ is shameful, even for David Perdue. Georgians need more than a Trump ‘yes man’ as governor — they need a leader who isn’t afraid to speak out and stand up for what’s right,” shared Max Flugrath, a spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Background: After Donald Trump praised Vladimir Putin as “smart,” “savvy,” and a “genius,” Georgia veterans raised concerns about Perdue’s silence on the comments ahead of his campaign events with Donald Trump Jr. across the state. Beyond his refusal to denounce Trump’s praise of Putin, Perdue is running ads featuring the former president to support his campaign. On Saturday, Perdue also appeared alongside Marjorie Taylor Greene at her “Second Amendment and Freedom Rally” just days after her appearance at a white supremacist conference where attendees cheered on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and praised Adolf Hitler before Greene’s remarks.

Here’s what Georgians are seeing:

WJBF: Veterans Call on David Perdue to denounce Trump’s comments on Putin 

  • WJBF Anchor: “ Well veterans who also happen to be Democrats claim Georgia gubernatorial candidate David Perdue should denounce former President Trump. The former president quoted last week saying Russian President Vladimir Putin is a smart man and saying he believed Putin was exploiting weaknesses in the current White House in taking over Ukraine, calling Putin smart and savvy.”
  • “The service members claim that amounted to praise of Putin rather than criticism of the Biden administration. And since Trump has endorsed Perdue they believe Perdue should condemn those remarks.”
  • Chuck Enderlin, Marine Corps veteran: “It’s disgraceful to glorify a dictator for political benefit. The fawning praise for Putin, hailing a dictator as smart, savvy and a genius is made worse by David Purdue’s shameless embrace of Donald’s comments.”
  • WJFB Anchor: “Now that press conference appears to be a virtual event that was organized by the Georgia Democratic Party but they said they believe service members of all political persuasions would disagree with the former president.”

WSB-TV: Georgia Veterans Criticize David Perdue and Brian Kemp for Refusing to Condemn Trump Ahead of campaign rallies with Donald Trump Jr.

  • WSB-TV Anchor: “Happening right now Donald Trump Jr. is here in Georgia campaigning with former Senator David Perdue as Perdue runs for governor. Former President Trump has endorsed Perdue as he tries to take on incumbent Governor Brian Kemp. Donald Trump Jr. and Perdue will have another rally this afternoon in Tifton.”
  • “Before the rally, a group of Georgia’s veterans criticized David Perdue for accepting the endorsement of former President Donald Trump. The group says Mr. Trump has sympathized with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the past.” 
  • Columbus City Councilmember Toyia Tucker, Air Force Veteran: “Perdue and Kemp, putting their campaigns over an attack on global democracy is appalling, but unfortunately, it’s what we’ve come to expect from typical politicians.”
  • WSB-TV Anchor: “The veterans called on both David Perdue and Governor Kemp to say where they stand on comments by former President Trump that appear to praise Putin.”

WSAV: Georgia Veterans Condemn David Perdue for Refusing to Denounce Trump’s Comments Labeling Putin as Smart and Savvy 

  • WSAV Anchor: “The Republican race for governor in Georgia is heating up as Donald Trump Jr. campaigned with David Perdue in two cities today. Former President Donald Trump has endorsed former Senator Perdue to unseat Governor Kemp. Trump Jr. appeared in Cumming this morning and is in Tifton at this hour. 
  • “Some Democratic veterans used the Trump visit to remind people about what the former President said last week about the Russian invasion in Ukraine.”
  • “Trump who has several commercials out now for David Perdue said that Russian President Putin’s invasion plans to Ukraine were smart, savvy, and genius. Service members took offense saying no one, especially a former president, should be praising Putin right now. And they called out David Perdue for not condemning the remarks.”
  • Chuck Enderlin, Marine Corps veteran: “It’s disgraceful to glorify a dictator for political benefit. The fawning praise for Putin, hailing a dictator as smart, savvy and a genius is made worse by David Perdue’s shameless embrace of Donald’s comments.” 
  • WSAV Anchor: “The vets insist that service members of all political persuasions would not agree with remarks praising Putin. David Purdue’s campaign told us this is a false narrative being pushed by liberal media members and that Purdue has denounced Putin.”

WSAV: Veterans call out Perdue after Trump praises Putin, Perdue campaign responds

  • Donald Trump, Jr. visited two Georgia cities Monday to campaign for former U.S. Senator David Perdue.
  • At the same time, a small group of Georgia veterans called out Perdue for his continued loyalty to former President Donald Trump after Trump seemed to praise Russian President Vladimir Putin in a radio program about two weeks ago. 
  • “So Putin is now saying it’s independent, a large section of Ukraine,” said Trump on the program. “I said how smart is that, he’s going go in and be a peacekeeper and I said this is genius think of it, here’s a guy who’s very savvy.”
  • “The fawning praise for Putin, hailing a dictator as smart, savvy and a genius is made worse by David Perdue’s shameless embrace of Trump’s comments,” said Enderlin.
  • Jonathan Penson, a retired captain in the Georgia National Guard also spoke out. 
  • “These comments are reprehensible and do not reflect America’s values as a nation and yet David Perdue has stayed completely silent,” said Penson. “He’s kept his mouth shut while continuing to run political ads featuring Trump and playing up his support for the former president.”
  • Toyia Tucker, who served in the Air Force for 12 years is currently a city council member in Columbus. She joined in the criticism that Perdue should denounce the remarks from the former president. 
  • Donald Trump’s approval of Putin is un-American,” she said. “Authoritarian leaders who attack democracy cannot be tolerated and we’ve heard nothing from either David Perdue or Brian Kemp. And here today, Donald Trump, Jr. is back in Georgia campaigning for Perdue.”


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