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January 11, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the most recent information that we have concerning the Inauguration. As you know, the size and scale of the event has been cut back significantly from 2008. There will be only two Inaugural Balls and the seating at the Swearing In ceremony has been cut back as well. At this point, the party is not hosting any official events since we are unsure who will be attending at this time. There is a chance that we will, however, host an Inauguration Party of our own here in Atlanta.  We are currently looking at venues and costs.  We will pass on any additional information as soon as possible.

This morning an email was sent to all of the DNC members concerning tickets for the Inauguration.  All of the Georgia DNC members should have received this email. Each of these emails is individual and has a log in and password so that you can claim your tickets through Ticketmaster.  That means that there is no way to post a link to it here.  These tickets are for General Admission [Non-seated] for the Swearing in Ceremony and for the Inaugural Parade. We suggest that you claim these tickets as soon as possible.

We have not been informed about whether tickets will be made available to Delegates to the National Convention. My understanding is that this decision will be forthcoming as early as today.  We will let you know as soon as possible.  There is a distinct possibility that no tickets will be awarded to Delegates for this cycle.

Please noteThe Party will not be receiving any tickets of any kind.  All tickets are being handled by the DNC and will be sent to the recipient or must be picked up at the Congressional Office. We will help however we can, but we have no access to additional tickets or tickets to the events in DC.

We do have rooms available for the Inauguration. The standard for anything close to the event is a four night minimum stay generally from January 18-22, 2013.  The best rate that we have found (with taxes) is about $3,500-4,500.00 for that period. This price does not include tickets to any of the events or other Balls that are taking place. If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected] so we can discuss the options. Tickets for those events can be purchased individually. Most run in the range of $200.00 per ticket.  More information can also be found at these web sites:

The Official Web Site for the Inauguration

Inaugural Event Calendar

 Other Information
Tickets for the Georgia State Society Ball, being hosted by Congressman David Scott, on Sunday evening January 20th can be purchased through our web site. This event is not being sponsored by the Democratic Party of Georgia but we are clearly supporting it.  The link to that event is here.
We will let you know when we get any additional information.


Mike Berlon

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