In Week 1 of Session, “Sharp Divisions” Already Fracturing Georgia Republicans

January 17, 2020

It didn’t take long for Georgia Republicans to put Georgians aside in favor of partisan bickering over competing extreme agendas. Barely one week into the legislative session, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that “sharp divisions” have already formed over Governor* Brian Kemp’s extreme agenda, as Kemp and top Republicans contradict each other at every turn over issues that could have severe and lasting impacts on Georgia families. 

While Speaker Ralston called discrimination legislation like the bill Kemp has promised to sign “ill conceived and offensive,” Kemp has hedged, saying he’ll deal with cultural and social legislation “when the time comes.” After Kemp’s commitment to his extreme agenda throughout his first year in office, one thing is clear – this won’t be the last time he and Ralston disagree. 

That isn’t the only area Republicans are already fighting over. After Kemp laid out his signature program in the State of the State, Ralston quickly shut it down – saying he was “leery” of the proposal. 

“It’s ridiculous but not surprising that after more than a decade in the majority, Brian Kemp and Republicans still don’t have their act together, at the expense of Georgia families,” said Democratic Party of Georgia spokeswoman Maggie Chambers. “At a time when protections for pre-existing conditions are on the chopping block and our rural hospitals are closing, Georgians can’t afford for Republican lawmakers to waste taxpayer money with their partisan infighting.”


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