In Memory of Lt. General Robert E. Gray

December 6, 2011

Below are the remarks given by Chairman Mike Berlon at the Democratic Party of Georgia Winter Meeting in Peachtree City on December 3nd, 2011.

Lt. General Robert E. Gray was a great American, and a great man.

He was born in West Virginia and enlisted in the Army shortly after High School. He graduated from Officer Candidate School at Fort Gordon- little did he know that years later, he would become the first African-American commander of that same Army Post.

General Gray was a leader. He fought for his country, and fought for the men and women under his command. His impressive military career lasted over three decades. Through times of war and peace, Robert loved his country.

During General Gray’s command of Fort Gordon, three new units were moved to the base at the conclusion of Desert Storm. The General had earned the trust of his superiors and Fort Gordon grew nearly overnight.

Once retired, General Gray continued to serve his community, and became the chair of the Columbia County Democratic Party.

His patriotism was never partisan though. He loved his country and its soldiers- black or white, rich or poor, Democrat or Republican. In war, we are all God’s people.

General Gray showed us that leadership, intelligence, hard work and community involvement can make a difference. We are all saddened by his passing and wish the best for his family.

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