In Georgia’s Battleground 7th District, Rich McCormick Embraces QAnon & Racist, Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories

July 2, 2020

GA-07 GOP nominee Rich McCormick has already repeatedly failed to condemn QAnon believer Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is so bigoted that Washington Republicans have gone out of their way to distance themselves from her. Now, it has been revealed that McCormick repeatedly appeared on a popular QAnon media outlet.

McCormick, June 19: “And ironically now the Democrats are using a platform that is stale and divisive are trying to basically buy votes. And if you look at what Soros did, I just heard today – and I don’t want to get conspiracy [sic] on you or anything like that, but — $20 million was donated to Black Lives Matter, basically through ActBlue. Basically, as a way to incite more violence and unrest to get people to vote the wrong way based on the narrative that we know is false.” (VIDEO)

Today, Democratic Party of Georgia Executive Director Scott Hogan issued the following statement in response to Rich McCormick’s parroting of a racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theory on a QAnon media outlet:

“Rich McCormick is an embarrassment to Georgia and his dive into a far-right conspiracy theory is the latest example in his long record of extreme beliefs, despite running for office in one of Georgia’s most diverse congressional districts. McCormick’s hateful statements have no place in our state and his reckless stances, whether it’s for debunked conspiracy theories or against health care and a woman’s right to choose are why he’ll be rejected by voters in November.”

In addition to his concerning QAnon links, McCormick repeatedly downplayed the severity of coronavirus, used the racist “Chinese Virus” term, consistently praised Gov. Kemp’s hasty reopening of Georgia, hawked the dangerous FDA-revoked hydroxychloroquine drug – and then doubled down on it, declaring his medical advice should not be questioned.


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