In Brutal GOP Primary, Kemp and Perdue Avoid Issues. Will They Avoid Debates (Again)?

March 3, 2022

The “No-Holds-Barred Political Fist Fight” is stirring concerns among Republicans

As Brian Kemp and David Perdue continue attacking each other in the ugly, expensive, and brutal GOP gubernatorial primary, no debates between the candidates have been agreed upon by both candidates. Thus far, both Kemp and Perdue have spent heavily on TV and radio ads attacking one another and promoting Donald Trump while avoiding crucial issues that impact Georgia voters’ daily lives.

Last week, Kemp’s campaign claimed he would participate in four debates. Perdue responded the next day, saying he hoped Kemp would agree to debate him, that they could even do one “every week,” and that he would debate “anytime, anywhere and anyplace.

But both candidates have a history of dodging debates. During the 2018 gubernatorial election, Kemp pulled out of the final debate, which would have been hosted by WSB-TV. After bailing on WSB-TV in 2018, he’s now claiming he’ll show up for a WSB-TV debate this time around. The 2018 debate date and time had been long agreed upon by both candidates, yet Kemp chose to attend a Trump event instead. (Trump endorsed Kemp in that election, but not in this one.) Perdue refused to appear at a previously scheduled second debateduring the 2020 U.S. Senate election, opting instead to be represented by an empty podium. Kemp and Perdue pulled out of their respective debates following nonpartisan commentary stating they had been outperformed in the the only debate in which they participated.

“While Kemp and Perdue spend millions on ads starring Donald Trump, millions of Georgians still haven’t heard from them on crucial issues impacting their daily lives. The ‘ugly’ Kemp-Perdue primary, full of brutal personal attacks, has lacked any meaningful solutions on improving access to affordable health care, creating jobs, strengthening public education, and more. Kemp and Perdue should commit to focusing on the issues important to Georgians, not issues important to Donald Trump,” said Max Flugrath, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia.


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