ICYMI: Walker “No-Show” at GOP Debate, Refuses to Answer on Issues as GOP Primary Grows and Black’s Attacks Continue

November 16, 2021

Herschel Walker dodged a debate with his GOP Senate rivals this weekend, yet again proving he can’t be bothered to show up and tell Georgians where he stands on the issues that matter most to them. In the meantime, Gary Black continued to attack Walker for his “closed-door” campaign, and yet another Republican candidate entered the race. 

Here’s the latest from the messy GOP infighting in Georgia:

  • Walker dodged the GOP debate forum. On Saturday, three of the four top GOP U.S. Senate candidates participated in a debate hosted by WSB’s Shelley Wynter. But as the AJC notes, Walker was a “no-show.”
  • Black continues “aggressive approach” toward Walker. As the AJC notes, Gary Black “took several shots at Walker” for skipping major events and refusing to tell Georgians his stance on the issues. “Where the heck is Herschel Walker? Why is he hiding? Where are you, Herschel?” Black said at the WSB forum. “Come out. It’s time that we have a discussion. We should have had it today. ….Shouldn’t be afraid. Shouldn’t be speaking through spokespeople. Should come and speak to the people of Georgia.”
  • New candidate joins crowded GOP Senate field. Josh Clark, a business executive and former two-term Georgia representative, joined the race yesterday in part because he doesn’t “see anyone who can win in November” from the current GOP field — a worry shared by many Georgia Republicans when it comes to Trump-tapped candidate Herschel Walker.

“This primary is only getting messier as Republican rivals take aim at Herschel Walker for dodging debates and skipping major party events in favor of closed-door fundraisers,” said Dan Gottlieb, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Herschel Walker clearly can’t be bothered to tell Georgians where he stands on the issues, and his GOP rivals aren’t backing down from the fight.” 

Read more about the messy GOP infighting and festering primary feuds in #GASEN.


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