ICYMI: Walker Continues Lies About Law Enforcement Ties

July 22, 2022

Herschel Walker, who has faced intense scrutiny for repeatedly lying to Georgians, is continuing his lies this week — doubling down on false claims that he worked in law enforcement and was in the FBI, when in fact, according to multiple law enforcement agencies, he never was

11 Alive: “You implied that you were in law enforcement. You were never in law enforcement, right?”

  • 11 Alive Anchor: “Today, U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker…denied that he ever misled people when he said he trained to become an FBI agent. 11 Alive’s Doug Richards caught up with Walker today in Athens and has the story.” 
  • Herschel Walker: “We have the people on the left that are campaigning. They’re not telling you the truth.”
  • Doug Richards: “Walker talked about truth in politics. We asked him about this video of him speaking in 2019.”
  • Herschel Walker: I worked for law enforcement. Y’all didn’t know that either, did you? I spent time at Quantico at the FBI training school. Y’all didn’t know I was an agent…. Anyway, I’ve been in law enforcement.”
  • Richards: “You implied that you were in law enforcement. You were never in law enforcement, right?”
  • Herschel Walker: “No, but the story was that I trained with the FBI…I did train at Quantico with the FBI. And I have worked with law enforcement for years as well. And I continue to work with them.”

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