ICYMI: VP Harris Champions Voting Rights, Democracy in Georgia

January 11, 2024

Yesterday, Vice President Kamala Harris returned to Atlanta, Georgia, for a roundtable discussion on voting rights with Democratic Party of Georgia Chair Congresswoman Nikema Williams and local voting rights activists. While Donald Trump and MAGA extremists continue to threaten our democracy, President Biden and Vice President Harris have been tireless advocates protecting Georgians’ sacred right to vote and safeguarding our fundamental freedoms.

Take a look at what Georgians were reading:

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: VP Harris visits ‘ground zero’ for voting rights battle in Atlanta

Key Point: “Vice President Kamala Harris met Tuesday in Atlanta with frustrated voting rights advocates who are facing steep challenges after a series of humbling political and legal setbacks. Calling Georgia the ‘ground zero’ for fights over ballot access, Harris criticized Republican-backed overhauls of state election laws as hypocritical and said her meetings with local election workers who shared stories of harassment and intimidation were ‘so troubling.’ ‘These are folks who, again, feel a sense of duty to their community, love our country and volunteer their time, in most cases, to serve and do the outreach with their neighbors to let everyone know that we’re all in this together,’ Harris said.”

Georgia Recorder: VP Kamala Harris calls Georgia ‘ground zero’ for voting rights in 2024 election season 

Key Point: “On Tuesday, Vice President Kamala Harris called on Georgia voting rights advocates and elected officials to continue to fight for expanded access to the ballot box as the election cycle gears up for this November’s presidential election. … Harris on Tuesday labeled Georgia as ground zero in the fight for voting rights while noting the White House has pushed to pass the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act that would restore key areas of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 protecting minorities and other disenfranchised voters.”

Fox 5 Atlanta: VP Kamala Harris visits Atlanta Tuesday to discuss voting rights

Key Point: “Vice President Kamala Harris visited Atlanta Tuesday to discuss voting rights, marking her 10th trip to the area since she was sworn into office. … The Vice President centered Tuesday’s discussion on gerrymandering districts, mass challenges by extremist groups and the attacks on freedoms. ‘The attacks are clear, there is a full-on intent to attack freedoms and rights in our country,’ she said.”

WSB-TV: Vice President Harris attends voting rights roundtable in Atlanta

Key Point: “Vice President Kamala Harris visited Atlanta on Tuesday for an event focused on voting rights across the United States. She held the roundtable discussion alongside voting and civil rights advocates and Congress members. ‘We have a lot of work to do,’ Harris said during the event. ‘The attacks are clear. There is, I believe, a full-on intent to attack fundamental freedoms and rights.’”


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