ICYMI: One Year After Kemp Said He “Didn’t Know” Basic COVID-19 Information, He’s Still Ignoring Science

April 5, 2021

This time last year, weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Brian Kemp claimed in a press conference announcing his belated stay-at-home order that he “didn’t know” COVID-19 could be spread through asymptomatic transmission, despite later reports that his team had received direct warnings about community spread a month earlier. 

The anniversary of Kemp’s incredulous comments and issuance of Georgia’s much-overdue stay-at-home order comes amid reporting that Kemp has willfully ignored science and his top health advisors in his decision-making on closing and re-opening the state over the past year. Most recently, Kemp announced that as of April 8, he is rolling back most of Georgia’s COVID-19 restrictions and safety guidelines, despite warnings from public health experts of an impending fourth wave and Georgia’s abysmal vaccination rate


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