ICYMI: New Polling Shows Georgians Can See Right Through Republicans’ Anti-Voting Bill

April 22, 2021

According to new polling on SB 202, Georgia Republicans’ voter suppression bill, Georgia voters overwhelmingly oppose key provisions and agree that the primary motivation was to make it harder for certain groups to vote.

Poll highlights:

  • 65% oppose a ban on giving food and water to voters waiting in long lines, including 78% of Independents
  • 52% oppose allowing the state to take over local county election offices, including 64% of Independents
  • 72% agree that the bill was driven by Trump’s loss in the presidential election, including more than half of Republicans
  • 61% of Independents believe these changes will make it more difficult for voters to cast a ballot, and 52% of Independents think the primary motivation of the bill was to make it harder for certain groups to vote

“This poll shows that Georgians do not support voter suppression, and that they can clearly see Republicans’ so-called ‘election integrity’ bill for what it really is – an attempt to make it harder for voters, especially people of color, to cast a ballot,” said Rebecca Galanti, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “After Georgia voters came out in record numbers in the last election cycle to elect Democrats up and down the ballot, Republicans are terrified. Instead of coming up with a platform focused on helping working Georgians, they’re retaliating against Georgians by suppressing their vote. Georgia voters will not let them get away with it.”


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