ICYMI: Loeffler Using Coronavirus Relief Efforts “For Political Gain”

April 21, 2020

As fallout continues from her stock trading scandal, Loeffler is now attempting to exploit coronavirus relief efforts to help her struggling campaign

ATLANTA — Unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler is still desperately trying to distract from her stock trading scandal — now by using coronavirus relief efforts “for political gain” to assist her flailing campaign.

A new Daily Beast report this week revealed that Loeffler is using her “exceedingly insignificant” appointment to Trump’s “economic revitalization” commission to bolster her campaign through Facebook ads — in addition to launching a coronavirus resource website that encourages visitors to sign-up for her fundraising email list.

Loeffler is so desperate for positive publicity after her scandal that she is apparently the only GOP senator paying to promote their position on Trump’s task force. Given her increasingly toxic scandal, it’s no wonder that Loeffler is trying to exploit the coronavirus response for personal gain as members of her own party continue “breaking ranks” to support her conservative challenger.

Read more about Loeffler’s attempts to use the coronavirus outbreak “for political gain”:

The Daily Beast: Kelly Loeffler Tries to Turn Coronavirus Into a Political Asset

  • The Georgia Republican is taking every chance she gets to plug her presidential appointment to a White House task force on “reopening America.” She’s using the appointment to attempt to court campaign supporters, taking out paid ads promoting it, and has even set up a stand-alone campaign website offering coronavirus information to constituents—a site that also happens to help her build her campaign’s voter contact list.
  • Those moves come as controversy continues to rage over the sale of millions of dollars of stock owned by Loeffler and her husband, the CEO of the New York Stock Exchange, in the immediate wake of a closed-door Senate briefing on the novel coronavirus.
  • [Loeffler’s] appointment to [Trump’s] coronavirus task force may have been exceedingly insignificant, as the president tapped every Republican senator except Mitt Romney for the task.
  • [Loeffler’s Facebook ads on her appointment] links to a sign-up form on the Republican fundraising platform WinRed, where visitors are greeted with a large photo of Loeffler and Trump and the message, “President Trump just tapped Kelly to help re-open America.”
  • The Facebook ad promoting that page came just a few days after the Loeffler campaign unveiled a new website, GArelief.com, ostensibly designed to provide coronavirus recovery resources to Georgia residents.
  • But the campaign page also beckons visitors to sign up to receive additional information via email and text message.
  • An hour after The Daily Beast signed up for email updates on the site, the Loeffler campaign sent an email asking for a campaign contribution.
  • While other vulnerable Republican incumbent senators such as Iowa’s Joni Ersnt and North Carolina’s Thom Tillis have made sure to point out their appointments to the White House task force, Loeffler appears to be the only one so far to do so through paid media.


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