ICYMI: CNN Report on Brian Kemp’s Voter Leak

August 15, 2018

ICYMI: CNN Report on Brian Kemp’s Voter Leak

Kemp’s Incompetence As Secretary of State Shown Once Again, Now He Wants a Promotion to be Governor

Atlanta –Last night, CNN’s Situation Room introduced more details about the infamous 2017 data breach that occurred under Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s watch. This breaking news report highlighted the full extent of vulnerabilities within Georgia’s voter system, deemed by experts as “unreliable” and “insecure,” and it shed light on the fact that Georgians still remain without an answer for how long the security breach actually lasted.

The report by independent cyber security expert Logan Lamb shared a number of disturbing facts:

·         A voter registration database of 6.3 million Georgia voters, including full names, dates of birth, driver’s licenses, and social security numbers, were exposed.

·         According to the Justice Department’s Special Counsel Investigation, this leak occurred around the same time that Russian hackers were “snooping” around websites of certain counties in Georgia to identify vulnerabilities.

·         Lamb called the Georgia Center for Elections Systems, housed at Kennesaw State University, to warn them of these vulnerabilities. Six months later, the vulnerabilities still remained.

·         Kennesaw State then fixed the leak and evidence of what took place simply “vanished”. The computer hard drives for the Center for Elections Systems was wiped completely clean.

With this massive data breach, the subsequent inability to figure out the root cause of this breach, and the decision to wipe the servers completely clean, Republicans and Democrats alike agree that Brian Kemp is simply too incompetent and untrustworthy to be the next Governor of the State of Georgia.

Republican Michael Williams has said that Kemp’s office has a “complete mismanagement of finances.” Republican Clay Tippins has claimed that if Kemp were in the private sector, he “would be fired,” and Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson demanded a federal investigation into the incompetence under Kemp’s watch.

“Electing Brian Kemp to Governor would be the worst case of failing up in Georgia politics. His record and job performance is abysmal,” said Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter. “Both Republicans and Democrats know that he’s an incompetent Secretary of State, but Kemp remains in deep denial about his own record. Voters simply can’t trust him.”

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