ICYMI: Kemp and Perdue Teams Bicker Over Primary Poll Numbers

January 27, 2022

Twitter sparring latest in “scorched-earth primary that’s testing an already fractured GOP

Yesterday, Brian Kemp and failed former Senator David Perdue’s gubernatorial campaigns took to Twitter to attack each other, bickering over various polling after the latest GOP primary poll was released. The bickering, which can be seen below, came just a day after Georgia House Speaker David Ralston declared Perdue’s candidacy was further dividing the Georgia Republican Party, a common Perdue argument against Kemp.

“In a nasty and chaotic Republican primary, Kemp and Perdue are more focused on tearing each other down than offering solutions to lift up and unite Georgians. While Kemp and Perdue continue their petty fights and Twitter temper tantrums, Georgia Democrats remain unified, working together to improve the lives of Georgia families, including the expansion of Medicaid access to over 500,000 Georgians,” stated Max Flugrath, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Focusing on the wrong numbers: While Perdue and Kemp fight over poll numbers, they continue to ignore the numbers that illustrate the damage of their refusal to expand Medicaid access to over 500,000 Georgians:

  • The failure to expand Medicaid has deprived Georgia of 64,000 jobs to Georgia, including about 22,000 in health care.

Read more about how Medicaid expansion would strengthen Georgia’s rural health care here.

Team Kemp and Perdue Twitter Bickering:


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