ICYMI: Georgia Democrats Host Virtual Press Conference with Working Moms to Highlight Child Tax Credits

July 14, 2021

Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia hosted a virtual press conference with Chair Congresswoman Nikema Williams and working moms from across the state to highlight the monthly tax cuts working Georgia families will start receiving through the expanded Child Tax Credit program on Thursday. Speakers highlighted how President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Democrats delivered this historic tax cut for working families in Georgia while Brian Kemp, Georgia Republicans, and the entire GOP Senate field opposed this critical boost to the middle class.

Georgia parents can use the IRS portal to learn more about the Child Tax Credit program, check their eligibility and enrollment status, and update their bank account information.

You can watch the full press conference here, and find speaker quotes below.

“When President Biden took office and Democrats took control of Congress, we promised the American people that help was on the way. This tax cut is a key part of keeping that promise, delivering direct relief to working parents who’ve been struggling to keep their families afloat during the pandemic,” said Congresswoman Nikema Williams, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Tax cuts of up to $1,600 per child will benefit the families of 2.2 million kids here in Georgia, and lift 171,000 Georgia children out of poverty. If Brian Kemp and George Republicans had their way, middle class families wouldn’t be getting this tax cut that starts tomorrow. If Herschel Walker, Kelly Loeffler, or any of the other people that they have on the GOP Senate candidate side challenging Senator Warnock had their way, Georgia families wouldn’t be receiving these life-changing tax cuts and the child poverty in America wouldn’t be getting cut in half. President Biden and Democrats know that when middle class families prosper, America prospers, and I look forward to continuing the work to rebuild our economy from the bottom up and the middle out.”

“These last 16 months have been very challenging. I’m a single mom, and I work very hard to be in a position to provide for my son. When the pandemic began, I found it extremely difficult to work from home and care for my son at the same time – it was literally the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” said Shantrice Jones, a working mom and public health professional from DeKalb County. “I’m looking forward to this relief, and I know many families in Georgia are as well. I personally plan to use the money to assist with child care expenses and to assist with other expenses I have for my growing six-year-old son. I can’t say it enough how very grateful I am to President Biden, Vice President Harris, and the entire Democratic Party for thinking about working families and finding ways to support us so that we can do the hard work of preparing the next generation.”

“Even remaining employed through this pandemic, I have struggled to stay afloat, both financially and mentally,” said Courtney Driver, a working mom and U.S. Marine Corps veteran from Houston County. “For a lot of us child care is a necessity, it’s expensive, and a lot of child care facilities – including our own – had to increase tuition costs just to keep up with COVID compliance in order to keep our children safe. The Child Tax Credit in this American Rescue Plan will empower parents to support their children, it will put food on so many tables across America, and it will help families get back on their feet after a rough year and a half. It’s shameful that the Republicans in Congress didn’t hesitate to give tax breaks to the wealthy two years ago but then turned their backs on the millions of families facing poverty. I’m thankful to President Biden and this administration for fulfilling their promise and bringing continued financial relief to American families like mine.”


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