ICYMI: Georgia Democrats’ 2022 Statewide Coordinated Campaign Opens Field Office in Savannah

July 26, 2022

Georgia Democrats’ 2022 Statewide Coordinated Campaign Opens Field Office in Savannah

On Saturday, July 23, the “Georgia Votes” Coordinated Campaign gathered in Savannah to open a new field office. Party leaders and volunteers joined a ribbon-cutting ceremony alongside local Democratic candidates and elected officials, including Wade Herring (candidate for GA-01); State Rep. Edna Jackson (candidate for HD-165); Marcus Thompson (candidate for HD-164); and Anne Allen Westbrook (candidate for HD-163).

The Coordinated Campaign is Georgia Democrats’ unified statewide campaign to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in 2022. Serving as a central hub of Georgia’s political infrastructure, the Coordinated Campaign will be laser-focused on training and organizing Democrats to help get out of the vote and engage Georgians, especially communities of color, ahead of November. It will also include a robust voter protection team to strengthen efforts to combat voter suppression. 

View coverage of Democrats’ growing momentum in coastal Georgia as the general election heats up:

WTOC: Democrats Open New Field Office

  • WTOC anchor: Georgia Democrats have opened a new office with the hope of reaching coastal Georgia. 
  • Several candidates in upcoming elections were there to celebrate, including Wade Herring, Edna Jackson, and Marcus Thompson. 
  • The field office will primarily be used to get in touch with voters who local Democratic candidates say is crucial in the upcoming election. 
  • Wade Herring: A big part of what this is about is voter turnout, so folks if you want change in our country you have to go vote. The field office will help encourage that vote – calling, knocking on doors, handing out literature. 
  • Marcus Thompson: Everybody here we know is going to vote. What we need is for everybody here to connect with people that they may or may not know is going to vote. Essentially, the bottom line is we need to touch people that feel forgotten.
  • WTOC anchor: This fall, Georgians will elect one person to the United States Senate, a race including incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker. All 14 of Georgia US House of Representatives seats are up for election. The governor’s seat is also up for grabs, which is currently held by Republican Governor Brian Kemp. Election day is Tuesday, November 8. 


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