ICYMI: Democratic Party of Georgia Hosts “Save the Soul of the Senate” Virtual Roundtable with Georgia Faith Leaders

December 19, 2020

ATLANTA — Today, December 18, the Democratic Party of Georgia hosted a “Save the Soul of the Senate” virtual roundtable with Georgia faith leaders.  The roundtable featured Reverends Addison Canidy, Brendan Jenkins, and Leela Brown Waller, and focused on mobilizing and activating the faith-based community in order to elect Senate candidates Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. 

The panelists also encouraged Georgians to make a plan to vote early in the runoff election by visiting iWillVote.com.

The full press conference is live-streamed here.
Read key quotes from panelists below.

“I’m so glad we have the opportunity to be able to put people in office that actually care about the people they serve. And, if we do this together, as people of God — as Georgia voters — I think we can make a change for the better,” said Reverend Dr. Addison Canidy, Pastor-Elect at Changing a Generation. “We can make sure that when we see the people that we serve on Sunday…we can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was someone in office that cares about us. Not just the people in Buckhead, but also the people in Bankhead. Not just the people up north, but also the people down south. Not just the people in rural America or rural Georgia, but also the people in urban Georgia. That’s what I think it’s all about. And if we elect Dr. Raphael Warnock and brother Jon Ossoff, we know they will have our interests at heart.”

“As a woman of faith, I believe that the Church and the people of God have an obligation to this election. It is one of the most important times of our lives,” said Reverend Leela Brown Waller, Associate Pastor at AME Church. “This is not about Democrat or Republican, it is about someone who has the heart of the people. Someone who can work with President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris — who can get something done. Get out and vote. Think of John Lewis, and think of all those who have died during this pandemic. We have an obligation to vote, to vote, to vote!” 

“The single most important issue we are facing is that there are people who are hurting. There are people who are starving. There are people who have not worked in over 9-10 months. So I think that the important issue from a political perspective is economic empowerment. We must help our people. We must do what we have to to get them the resources,” said Reverend Brendan Jenkins, Pastor at Virtual Church Community of Faith. “A voteless people is a hopeless people. We have to go out and vote. Vote like your life depends on it. Vote like you’re going to vote for your children. Vote for their children. Because what happens in this election makes all the difference in how we can proceed forth.”

“If you have not already cast your vote or you need additional information about casting your vote, make sure that you head over to iWillVote.com,” said African American Coalition Director Sammie Dow. “There you can get all kinds of information about how you can participate in in-person early voting — you can return your vote by mail ballot. We just want to make sure that we take advantage of every opportunity that we have to make our voices heard as we fight to save the soul of the Senate.”###

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