ICYMI: Black, Saddler Continue Attacks on Walker for Dodging Debates, Hiding from Georgians As First Day of Qualifying Sparks New Round of GOP Infighting

March 8, 2022

Yesterday, in a preview of the infighting to come in the GOP Senate primary, Gary Black and Latham Saddler called out Herschel Walker for showing “cowardice,” “abandoning” Georgians, “falling apart” under simple questioning, and garnering “paper-thin” support across the state.

After “a string of gaffes, even with conservative interviewers,” as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes, “Walker’s campaign wants to shelter him” while the candidate himself “indicated he won’t debate his GOP rivals” — which “brought howls” from worried Walker supporters.

Here’s what to know about the ongoing GOP campaigns against Walker:

  • Republicans are ready to continue “all-out attacks” on Walker. In the fall, Black went “scorched earth,” calling Walker’s history “disqualifying” and dismissing the decision by McConnell and other Republican U.S. senators to endorse Walker as a “tremendous miscalculation” — bringing up concerns that Republicans in Washington and across Georgia have raised over Walker’s checkered past for months.


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