ICYMI: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Reports Brian Kemp’s Austere Budget Cuts To Cut Hundreds of Millions From Essential Programs

September 15, 2019

ATLANTA – Earlier this week, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Brian Kemp’s severe budget cuts will rip over 500 million dollars from essential programs for Georgians, including eliminating positions vital to our criminal justice, school safety, and health care system: 

“Agencies on the hook for cuts include the departments of Agriculture, Corrections, Driver Services, Public Health, public defenders, the Georgia State Patrol, the GBI, most of the Department of Natural Resources, and the administration of K-12 schools and colleges.”

Kemp’s extreme budget threatens to take Georgia backwards: 

“[The budget cuts] paint a picture of austerity not seen since the Great Recession, when tens of thousands of teachers and state workers were laid off or furloughed and agencies struggled to provide basic services.”

This report comes after last week’s report that under Kemp’s budget, $10.4 million dollars will be cut from Medicaid programs – all while the governor* continues to refuse to fully expand Medicaid to Georgians. 

While Brian Kemp and Georgia Republicans continue to threaten essential services like healthcare and public education, Georgia Democrats are fighting so that every Georgian has access to the programs they need. 


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