ICYMI: AJC: “It’s not an ‘autograph tour.’ Herschel Walker’s GOP opponents rip their rival”

March 17, 2022

As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes, “the gloves are off” in Georgia’s GOP Senate primary as Herschel Walker’s Republican rivals sharpen their attacks against the Trump-tapped candidate with scathing new advertisements about his “history of violent behavior, confusing remarks and tightlipped approach to the media,” along with fighting words about the “autograph tour” and “entitlement campaign” he’s running for U.S. Senate.

This comes on the heels of AJC reporting that uncovered “a string of defaults, settlements and lawsuits alleging that Walker and his businesses owed millions of dollars in unpaid loans,” and constant “national attention” on his bizarre gaffes.

Read more on this increasingly-messy GOP primary below:

‘It’s not an ‘autograph tour.’ Herschel Walker’s GOP opponents rip their rival
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/17/22

  • The gloves are off in the Republican race for U.S. Senate.
  • Not long ago, Herschel Walker’s rivals were somewhat reluctant to criticize the frontrunner. Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black was long the only GOP candidate willing to bash Walker over his history of violent behavior, confusing remarks and tightlipped approach to the media.
  • Now the other top Republican contenders are getting in on the act.
  • Former Navy SEAL Latham Saddler told us in an interview that Walker was running an “entitlement campaign” based on his celebrity as a former football player.
  • “He abandoned Georgia, came back just to run for the United States Senate. And he’s doing the Biden basement strategy, expecting to be handed this thing. In a great state like ours, a U.S. Senate race should be difficult,” said Saddler.
  • “It should have to be earned. And that’s what Georgians want and expect. They want leadership. They want people that will show up. I mean, it’s clear he’s not willing to debate any of us. So, my question to the voters out there is how’s that gonna work against Raphael Warnock?”
  • Likewise for Kelvin King, who has long resisted criticizing Walker but this week penned an op-Ed that he shared with your Insiders. Here’s a snippet:
  • Herschel Walker talks about working hard and fighting for the interests of Georgians, yet he works behind the scenes to ensure a level of celebrity comfort and elusiveness, separating himself from the questions and engagement that Georgians demand. This is a campaign – not an autograph tour for those who can pay an access fee.
  • I am not naive to the fact Herschel Walker is ahead in the polls. The problem is, neither is he. When he officially qualified last week, reporters swarmed to the typically evasive candidate, hungry to finally have an opportunity to ask him questions. The results were, as one might expect, puzzling. Speaking about himself in third person, he gave mostly baffling responses to basic inquiries but what did come across loud and clear was he has zero intention of debating in the primary.
  • We cannot expect a candidate to survive a vicious General Election when they spend the entire primary hiding behind celebrity status, President Trump’s endorsement, softball interviews, and “double bookings” that conveniently take place when forums are scheduled.
  • But the hard truth is, we cannot blame Herschel Walker for running his campaign like a celebrity if we continue to treat him like a celebrity. If Georgia voters are willing to give him an unearned victory, then we are broadcasting to the elites and superstars that they can have our country. So, the question is, ‘Are you willing to settle for selfies and autographs over qualifications and policy stances?’ I’m not.
  • And Black, of course, has only sharpened his message. Look no further than the scathing digital ad we first told you about in yesterday’s jolt that outlined the potential lines of attack from Warnock.
  • Walker’s aides, however, occasionally swipe back. His campaign spokeswoman Mallory Blount responded to the latest Black attack: “The only thing more embarrassing than Gary Black’s obsession with Herschel Walker is Gary’s fundraising and poll numbers.”
  • While Herschel Walker’s comments questioning evolution and reproductive medicine caught national attention this week, he also spoke Tuesday at the Rotary Club of Carrollton where he appeared to falsely suggest that NATO hasn’t been involved in working to deter Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
  • Here’s part of his comments:
  • “What’s going on in Ukraine is terrible. And NATO have to get — I’m not sure why they’re not getting involved. You know, you let somebody threaten you. Putin is threatening you, if you don’t — if you get involved. He’s not as powerful as they think he is. He’s not as powerful as they think he is, or he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing right now.
  • “So, should we use our strength? I think if I was Biden, which I’m not because I’m younger, I would really pressure NATO to get involved.”
  • The U.S. and other NATO members are intensely involved in helping Ukraine fight Russia’s invasion. Military analysts estimate NATO allies have sent more than 20,000 sophisticated weapons to Ukraine since the invasion started on Feb. 24, and thousands of NATO troops are stationed in Eastern European countries to deter a broader war.


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