ICYMI: Ahead of First Presidential Debates, Stacey Abrams Joins Democratic Party of Georgia and Biden for President Georgia for Georgia Votes Early Virtual Rally

September 26, 2020

On Saturday, September 26, Stacey Abrams joined the Democratic Party of Georgia and Biden for President Georgia for a virtual Georgia Votes Early rally as part of the Georgia get-out-the-vote efforts ahead of the first Presidential debate. Stacey Abrams was joined by Congresswoman Lucy McBath, Congressman Sanford Bishop, Democratic Party of Georgia Chair and GA-05 Congressional candidate  Nikema Williams, U.S. Senate candidate Jon Ossoff, and GA-07 Congressional candidate Carolyn Bourdeaux to mobilize volunteers and voters across the Peach State and emphasize the importance of voting early this election.

Key quotes from the Georgia Votes Early virtual rally here:

“This is an election season, we no longer have election day. We’ve got election days. And in the state of Georgia, voting has already started, and we need everyone to get on board,” said Stacey Abrams. “ So first, make a plan to get your absentee ballot. Once you’ve made your plan, make a backup plan. Make a backup to your backup plan, and then share it on social media. We need everyone to know that you’re making a plan so they’re making a plan. But fundamentally we have to remember that voting happens because we want change. Because we want progress.”

“This cycle, everything is on the ballot,” said Congresswoman Lucy McBath. “Voting rights, the right for women to choose what’s best for their bodies and making their own health care choices. Gun safety legislation is on the line, health care is on the line, and yes, the future of our Supreme Court is most definitely on the line. And we don’t have a choice but to come out and to flip this state.”

“It’s going to take the hard work of Georgians from every corner of our state, especially here in middle and Southwest Georgia, if we’re going to finish the work that we started in 2018 and elect leaders that actually represent our values in Atlanta, Washington and, specifically, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” said Congressman Sanford Bishop. “ If we come together, we will be able to elect Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats up and down the ticket who will help reverse Trump’s disastrous policies and build back better.”

“One of the things I want to emphasize is how very, very important it is, particularly at this early stage, to get everybody possible who’s willing to do it to vote by mail and do it early,” said 7th Congressional District candidate Carolyn Bourdeaux. “We need to vote by mail, then we need to early vote, then we need to make sure everybody who still hasn’t voted yet votes on election day. But we have to fight for every single vote in Georgia.”

“As daunting as it can feel, these times show us why our work is so important. Because when we’re successful, we’ll ensure every American can get the support that they need to make it through these hard times. From health care, to protecting small businesses, to racial justice, to guaranteeing our Democracy for generations to come,” said Democratic Party of Georgia Chairwoman and 5th Congressional District candidate Nikema Williams. “I know how much work many of you have already put in, and I also know that the next 38 days are going to be challenging. They’re going to require us to dig deep to find our strength and our faith.”

“The whole country is watching Georgia right now. And future generations are watching all of us right now to see how we rise to this moment,” said U.S. Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff. “So with early voting beginning on October 12th, now is the time for all of us to be doing this work we’re doing, to get involved and make the commitment that we’re not going to wait, because the time is now. We’re not going to allow ourselves to ask after this election what more we might’ve done because the time is now.”


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