House Republicans Turn On Kemp’s FY2020 Budget Cuts as GOP Still Can’t Get Priorities Straight

February 18, 2020

Latest opposition comes days after Democratic lawmakers highlighted devastating cuts for Georgians

ATLANTA – Today, after pressure from both constituents and Democratic lawmakers, even more fissures in the Georgia GOP arose as Georgia House Republicans issued a harsh rebuke to Gov.* Brian Kemp’s extreme agenda. House leadership made “major changes” to some of Kemp’s key FY2020 budget cuts by reallocating funding for “mental health, substance abuse, public defenders, agricultural research, and diverting people away from prison.”

The House amended mid-year budget comes after weeks of testimony on Kemp’s “life-robbing” budget, which threatens healthcare access for people across Georgia, makes “devastating” cuts to bipartisan progress in criminal justice reform, and risks funding for essential programs that Georgians rely on.

After releasing the House version of the FY2020 budget, Appropriations chairman Terry England criticized Kemp’s cuts, saying: “Those are and have been priorities of the General Assembly, of the House and the Senate, and we feel very strongly about making sure those efforts continue.”

Republicans have had literally over a decade to get their act together, and today’s rebuke of Brian Kemp’s budget cuts is yet another reminder that Georgia Republicans can’t get their priorities straight,” said Democratic Party of Georgia spokeswoman Maggie Chambers. “Kemp’s extreme budget still makes hundred-million-dollar cuts across the board that will devastate rural health care, education, and criminal justice reform.  While Republicans prioritize political infighting over progress, Georgia Democrats will keep fighting against Kemp and his allies’ attempts to gut Georgia’s future.”

Georgia Democrats are committed to holding Brian Kemp and Georgia Republicans accountable for extreme budget cuts that risk Georgia’s future. Earlier this session, the Democratic Party of Georgia launched the “Don’t Cut Georgia’s Future” microsite that highlights how budget cuts will impact Georgians, which is continually being updated and is available here.


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